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Australian Market Listed Crypto Coins

Australian Crypto Tokens

(Yet to be listed on Coin Market Cap)

ShareRing - SHR (SHRP)

The world’s first trusted token for sharing services. One way to pay for sharing everything, no matter what it is or where you are. 

Can you name more than ve companies that operate within the sharing economy? There’s AirBnB, Uber, then you might draw a blank. 

Four years ago, the founders of Keaz Limited conceived the idea of an individual or organisation using just a single app to access any type of asset anywhere and at any time to rent, borrow or share. However, at the time, the task of creating an app with universal access seemed insurmountable due to the technological limits present back then. Therefore, the founders of Keaz focused their efforts on becoming the #1 platform for vehicle sharing globally. This they have done with resounding success.

Now with the introduction and global scale of blockchain technology, the Keaz team is certain they can solve the issues holding the global sharing economy back, while also bringing to fruition the initial vision the founders had four years ago. The answer is ShareRing.

Bamboo - BAM

Bamboo is a people-focussed mobile application that makes the microsaving of diversified parcels of cryptographic assets easy, automated and fun. All you need is a mobile phone and a bank account, and 5 minutes to get started.

Our core focus is microsavings, however the Bamboo platform does allow for manual contributions. As the term suggests, microsaving is a savings methodology that focuses on regular, small deposits.

Bamboo uses state-of-the-art security measures when handling your information and blockchain assets. Combined with fully encrypted and secured storage, we take a multi-layered approach of electronic, procedural and physical controls to protect your data.

Our vision is to be the leading way that people participate in the blockchain ecosystem. We want to facilitate the growth of knowledge and awareness of this technology.


Revolutionise the global energy market through cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and provide the ability for anyone in the world to finance their own renewable energy assets

Web Platform

ASTRN Energy are developing a blockchain powered P2P Investment Platform for Renewable Energy Projects, enabling crowdfunding and co-investing into renewable energy generating assets, such as solar farms, wind generators, hydro-dams and other clean energy sources. Revolutionising the concept of community solar and taking it global!

Token Price Appreciation

ASTRN Tokens will increase in value every time there is a new project on the platform. ASTRN Tokens are the sole currency on our eco system and will be in high demand.

Profit Distribution To ASTRN Holders

We will be rewarding ASTRN holders regularly by sharing our profits through Airdrops. Profits that will come from our solar farm, management fees, investment returns, mass adoption of our platform and other revenue.

Innovating with Green Energy

You will be part of an innovative field of renewable energy project crowdfunding utilising blockchain and cryptocurrency. Best of all you will be part of the force that moves us all towards adopting clean energy as the primary global electricity power source.

Invox Finance - INVOX

Who is Invox Finance?

Invox Finance Pty Ltd was founded by members of the ABR Finance Pty Ltd team, a successful invoice financing company based in Australia. As our team is currently undergoing an expansion phase, please visit our website ( for the most up to date information on our team.

What is Invoice Financing?

Traditional invoice financing is based on a financier purchasing invoices from the seller. In return, the financier agrees to advance monies to the seller against each invoice. The buyer who purchased the seller’s products must pay the invoices directly to the financier.

What is the key issue with traditional Invoice Financing?

The key issue with traditional invoice financing is that the financier purchasing an invoice from the seller and advancing the funds against it does not have a direct relationship with the buyer. The financier solely trusts the information provided by the seller. As a result, the relationship between the seller and the buyer is not completely transparent to the financier, and therefore exposes the financier to a considerable risk of the invoice not being paid as agreed or disputed. 

How will Invox Finance Platform solve the problem?

The Invox Finance Platform is a decentralised peer-to-peer invoice lending platform that will allow sellers, buyers, investors and other service providers to directly connect, interact, share and distribute information. The platform aims to create a trusting environment by facilitating transparency between parties and rewarding performance.

This platform will disrupt and revolutionise traditional invoice financing by implementing a system where trust and transparency between all parties is developed through an in-built reward system. In addition, the execution of transactions and flow of information will not be dependent on one single centralised service provider, but instead governed by a transparent set of rules executed on a fully distributed ledger.

Hut 34 - ENTRP

The Hut34 Project aims to build and provide the technological and economic infrastructure to power the growth of the open global knowledge economy. Its objective is to build a digital services ecosystem, in which each and every participant has access to the collected data, information, knowledge, services and intelligence of the entire network; a system that encourages participation from end users whilst incentivising and fairly rewarding developers and producers for their contributions and efforts.


We call it the Hut34 Network, or simply, Hut34. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, and harnessing emergent technologies, the ERC20 compliant Entropy Token (ENTRP) is the native currency for transacting in this ecosystem of connected services.

Blockbid - BID

Simplifying Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Blockbid exchange solves the issue of having cryptocurrencies scattered across multiple exchanges. Rather than signing on to multiple platforms, users can use a single account to faciliate all of their trades. The new exchange platform offers a system that users can trust while saving time because funds do not have to be transferred between different platforms.

Emma Hoffman, Blockbid CMO, said, “Blockbid is being designed to help traders overcome three main issues; the inconvenience of needing to sign up to multiple exchanges, the unease associated with having coins scattered across multiple (and potentially untrustworthy) exchanges, and missed investment opportunities caused by time lapses in transferring funds between different platforms.”

The Blockbid Platform Is Set to Grow

Users will be able to trade most cryptocurrencies on the platform. Transaction fees are low, and all crypto-assets are insured against potential cyber-attacks. Scalable to up to 1 million transactions per second, the crypto-coin platform is expected to raise the proceeds needed to fund expansion and further development.

Blockbid operates in accordance with Australian Financial Services License guidelines. The product is in line with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act of 2006, which applies international best practices to deter these malicious activities in Australia. Therefore, the platform will be safe and secure, while being positioned for growth in a high-demand market.

Why Blockbid?

The Blockbid cryptocurrency exchange operates on the world’s fastest exchange network, with direct datalink connecting over 180 co-location facilities on 5 continents. A user-friendly front-end enables users to engage in cryptocurrency trading on the same user interface designs used by Facebook, Netflix, and Dropbox, while back-end interfaces are similar to those implemented by websites such as PayPal, eBay and LinkedIn.

With the October 22 ICO launch and exchange to be unveiled in early 2018, Blockbid is expected to undergo future development, enabled through the proceeds raised by user participation and growth. An in-wallet payment platform for all blockchain assets is anticipated. Once it is established, users will be able to access their digital currency from any location at any time. The Blockbid wallet will also support a decentralized exchange, further serving the burgeoning market for cryptocurrency trading.

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